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Laboratory Drug Testing

Service Solutions

DOT/SAMSHA testing – We perform federally-mandated drug testing
Non-DOT testing – Numerous testing options to choose from
Alternative specimen – Oral, fluid, and hair specimen
Random testing consortium – The most affordable way to randomly test employees

Collection site management – Thousands of collection sites to choose from
Superior customer service – Contact us for help 24/7
Lab transition – Changing labs can seem daunting. We’ll do the work.
Drug-free workplace program (DFWP) – We assist you in developing a DFWP
Training – Assistance with employee and supervisor training

Testing Solutions

Rapid Drug & Alcohol Testing

Pre-employment – Testing for prospective employees
Random – Our algorithm randomly selects employees for testing
Post-accident – Testing done immediately after accidents
Reasonable suspicion – Testing when a trained supervisor suspects drug use
Return-to-duty – Done when employees return to work after extended time off
Follow-up – Done as a condition of continued employment after failing an
initial test

Want results in minutes rather than hours or days? We have the solution for you. Our rapid testing devices have been scrupulously compared to hundreds of other products. What you get from us is the best value in terms of price, results consistency, results accuracy, detection capacity (cutoff), and ease of use.

5 panel screening device – Screen for the traditional 5 drug categories
10 & 11 panel screening device – Screens for an extensive list of drugs

Industry Solutions

Online Solutions

Transportation – We perform DOT-mandated drug & alcohol testing
Construction – Minimize liability and insurance costs by testing workers
Manufacturing – Minimize workers compensation and health insurance costs
Food services – Minimize costly injuries while improving customer goodwill
Healthcare – Minimize deadly mistakes by testing employees
Other industries – We have solutions for every industry

Collection site search – Locate collection sites using your zip code
Online chain-of-custody (COC) – Simplify COC management online
Results reporting – Get test results online
Online supply ordering – Order testing supplies online
Donor registration – Employees can register and schedule testing online

Other Services

Other Testing

Drug-free workplace program (DFWP) – We assist you in developing a DFWP
Employee wellness program – On-site events for your employees
Toxicology technical assistance – Call toll-free number for assistance
Defense package – We can provide expert testimony and lawyers

Pain management – Pain management testing for medical practitioners
Vitamin-D testing – Vitamin-D and other testing
Esoteric testing – Testing for medical practitioners
Comprehensive health panel – Blood testing for overall health and fitness