affordable drug testing for small to medium sized businessesWe perform DOT-mandated drug and alcohol testing as well Bath Salts & K2 / Spice as non-DOT testing using state-of-the-art analytic technologies such as liquid and gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. With over 2,000 collection sites nation wide, and our online site-location tool, your employees spend less time testing and more time being productive for your business. All test are reviewed by our certified medical review officer (MRO) to ensure the integrity of results.

Our prices, services. and products are optimized for small to medium sized businesses. Gone are the days when drug testing cost “an arm and a leg.” Our high testing volume enable efficiencies in our testing process and cost per test which we then pass on to you. We guarantee the lowest testing prices for companies new to drug testing and can save companies with existing programs up to 35% on drug testing expense! Contact us today.

We also offer the industries most affordable random testing consortium. For as little as $90/year your company can be a drug free workplace with random testing. According to a recent report by DATIA, random testing is one of the best drug-use deterrents in the workplace. In addition, we offer pre-employment, follow-up, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and back-to-duty testing.

We offer a variety of specimen options to choose from including urine, oral fluid (saliva), and hair – all of which offer varying advantages. Urine, the traditional specimen for drug testing, offers affordability and a moderate detection window up to 30 days. Oral fluid mitigates against sample adulteration and substitution as sample donation can be directly observed. It also removes the gender-factor in sample donation. Hair specimen offers a far wider window of detection – as much as 90 days which is especially effective for detecting users of illicit drugs. Get a quote today