drug testing for construction workersBusiness owners in the construction industry are faced with daunting challenges. In most cases, employees are out in the field away from direct supervision. They work from company or personal vehicles, in relatively hazardous environments, and depend on the competence of fellow coworkers for day-to-day safety. Given the liabilities and havoc that can result from a single accident, making sure your workers are on top of their game is critical.

This is were we shine! We can help you business develop affordable, modular, and custom drug free programs that integrate the 5 essentials: Policy development, program promotion, employee drug testing, supervisor training and employee education,  and employee assistance programs (EAP).


Our program boasts the following features:

– DOT and non-DOT testing programsget a free quote today
– Help with workers’ comp insurance premium discount (4 – 7%)
– Random testing consortium
– FREE “drug-free workplace” signage
– Test for synthetic drugs – K2 / Spice and Bath salts
– 10 FREE On-site testing cups/dips for your own use
– Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
– Help with development of drug-free workplace policy
– 24 hour customer service assistance
– Supervisor training & employee education
– Free testing supplies, chain of custody (COC) forms, testing cups
– Certificate of “Drug-free workplace” for your marketing