HIPAA Information
Confidentiality Statement
Privacy Practices

With the rapidly changing legislative and regulatory impacts on the health care environment, Agathos Laboratories, Inc. recognizes that corporations want assurance that our organization is actively assessing our compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Agathos Laboratories, Inc. continues to implement global strategies to address HIPAA. Our goal is to protect the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information and our clients’ abilities to use our services.

Agathos Laboratories, Inc. maintains a Regulatory/Legislative Department consisting of staff dedicated to tracking all proposed, pending, and active legislative and regulatory developments that are directly proportionate to Agathos Laboratories, Inc. and our customers’ business needs. The primary focus of this department is to research privacy and security regulations, and legislation on both the federal and state level. We are actively involved in the impact assessment of HIPAA on Agathos Laboratories, Inc.’s business units.

Agathos Laboratories, Inc. has a Privacy and Security Task Force that incorporates HIPAA and consists of individuals from the following departments: Legal, Regulatory, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management, Medical, and Business Operations.

Agathos Laboratories, Inc. is addressing the communication of new laws relative to privacy and security through a corporate-driven awareness program. This program consists of education of management and colleagues through the Agathos Laboratories, Inc. intranet, internal newsletters, and face-to-face educational programs as required to ensure participation.

Agathos Laboratories, Inc. remains confident that the effort put forth will produce the results necessary to achieve our compliance goals. Agathos Laboratories, Inc.’s Privacy Officer welcomes the opportunity to hear from you regarding your HIPAA questions and concerns. We know that starting a dialogue with our customers will only prove to strengthen our mutual HIPAA compliance efforts.