Just like with insurance companies, not all consortia are created equal. First and foremost, we provide the best annual consortium rates in the industry. For as little as $90/year you can join our consortium. We challenge you to look around for a price better than this. Also, you want a company with good customer service – one you reach anytime for your question and concerns. Some consortia out there are just websites – you don’t even know who you dealing with. You also want a consortium that can provide expert testimony and litigation services just in case you require such services. Below are the services you get by joining our consortium:

– Best prices
– Drug-free workplace certificate
– Thousands of collection sites to choose from
– SAMSHA/DOT certified testing
– Certified medical review of results
– Quarterly random testing selection
– Drug-free workplace program
– Discount on other drug testing service
– Discount on rapid testing devices
– Get test results online
– Order supplies and products online
– Online registration for sample donation
– Training of supervisors and employees

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